your fashion!



What does “fashion” mean? Of course, it means garment. Fashion is the tool to express ourselves. It also should be synonymous of culture.


Since several years, it seems that  “fashion “ was only translate in reasonable daily products and has lost its own way and strong charm to grab our soul.This is why we started to think: “ can we make things ourselves?” Some select shops already propose “semi- order” bags and a lot of creative people start knitting.


In Tokyo, several “order-made” style shops open recently. An interesting one is in Daikan-yama area. It’s a coffee shop called “number”. Here, you can order a cup of coffee and at the same time, your own dress & shirts! There are 14 styles of patterns and more than 60 kinds of fabrics so that you can pick up your own style and fabric to make an original garment.


For boys, we now have “Freemans sporting club-Tokyo” from N.Y.There you can order your own suits done by a skillful artisan.


Recently, a more surprising style was introduced by a fashion brand named «Theatre products». Established in 2001 it proposes theatrical and happy garments for every day life. Now on their website you can select a style and a fabric pattern. Your order will be printed on the fabric you choose and will be delivered to your door. You will be able to cut out the pieces and make your own “Theatre products dress”.

«Theatre products» has a quite strong perspective and a real fashion world; this brand has been proposing interesting garments every season.


They try to involve consumers to enjoy “fashion” again. “Theatre Yours” is at the same time  your own dress and a Theatre Product’  garment!



Fashion seems to be interesting and back in culture here in Tokyo.


Kaori Ieyasu