Passion at OFR- Paris


Our digital lives bring us to the urge of rediscovering real objects and things we can touch.The touch of paper, the smell ok ink are some of our new drugs. Fanzines are there to express this need and the desire of an alternative voice. We choose to share with you one of our ‘coup de coeur’ made in Paris by talented young people!


Passion is a fanzine, created for all works longing in cupboards, hard drives and brain tubes.Passion publish the unpublished : censored or forgotten projects, parallel or experimental works, all from famous artists and upcoming young wolves. It’s publish at night, with little regards towards the biological clock, sleeves are rolled up in empty offices , abandoned agencies and available apartments. To create a scene’s snapshot, that of a way of life.To seduce too!



“Passion mirrors our lifestyles, and this issue: “the good life on the other side” reflects troubled times. See our faces, wan, ghostly forms only revealed by cars’ headlights crossing our paths at dawn. In clubs, we would be glowing under the black light; but there’s no room for clubbing on wrap up nights.

Via Passion, we strive to publish novel works, be they produced by artists we admire, or those we found in our mailboxes on Monday mornings. And works from our friends, of course – for they make us who we are.

We were associated with palm trees and sunsets on heavenly Caribbean seas: the truth is we can’t even swim. As Lord Byron floating on his back in Venice’s Grand Canal, we keep our cigarette butts locked between our teeth to make sure we don’t “loose sight of the stars”. Clouds may hide them from us, it’s OK it’s not like we’re about to drown!”


Passion #3 is 11 artists, 100 pages printed on Arjowiggins Creative Papers, bounded in Swiss tradition, and 500 numbered copies. By: Foucauld Duchange – Gildas Durel – Grégoire Dyer – Caroline Aufort – Antonin David. The content is both in French and English. On the edge: “the good life on the other side”. You get the idea!









Passion #3

Passion #3

Passion #3

Passion #3

Passion #3