M°BA 13

thirteen fetishes


photo by marie taillefer


Nudism.This long-lasting trend that uses the colours of our own skin to imply that we go through life stark naked, is finally coming of age. Since its emergence towards the end of last century, the nude movement hasn’t gotten a wrinkle. Fashions and accessories even expose our framework and bone structure, exploring clothing designed from skin and skeletal material, recently inspiring garments that will support, portray and modify nakedness by using prostheses and body adjustments.


From the influence of the artist Orlan to the Donut Heads in contemporary Japan, the idea of transforming the face and the body has become a major obsession, with implants and the removal of flesh and bone.

Our natural state of being colours textiles bare and gives a raw and undressed dimension to any garment; naturalism in styling is therefore a fetishistic principle, able to transform the way we dress. Materials are epidermic and erotic, exciting the senses with rubberised coatings, organdie veils, whispering satins and fragrant leathers. These materials are configured in corsets, lingerie and bodices that reveal the anatomy of the body and its inner workings.


The silhouette has a clinical, dissected style that is deconstructing things even further, penetrating the organs in forever wilder and weirder fashions.


Lidewij Edelkoort