M°BA 13


photo- Fred Causse - garment creation- Hijiri Shimamoto & Futoshi Ueki - production- Vanessa Batut - modeled by Chloé Sos & Billie


The Royal Burgers’ Zoo welcomes M°BA visitors to a special exhibition conceived by Lidewij Edelkoort in collaboration with Lustrousfur.


MANIMALS will introduce us to 25 little creatures made up of different furs that mimic the coats of many of the zoo’s hairy residents. Designed to educate children as well as parents and fashionistas, MANIMALS illustrates the fetishistic ties that bind us to the animal kingdom, connecting fashion and nature in a more respectful way.


The exhibition is housed in the MIR, a site-specific pavilion by Alfons ter Avest. An inspiring installation takes shape in a fantasy habitat, built up from trees, plants and rocks, and populated by cuddly hybrids – complete with ears and tails – mixing pattern and texture in new fashion silhouettes.

Lustrousfur is a highly-realistic fur-like fabric made of a high quality material, Modacrylic Kanecaron® microfibre from Japan. The shedding problem which has been an issue with fur products has been dramatically reduced by Kanecaron’s® technology and the textile is also flame retardant, making it a desirable material for fashion brands and product designers around the world.


M°BA Pass holders receive a 50% discount on all entrance tickets at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo during the exhibition (June 9 – July 21, 2013)