last look for casa vogue brasil "home beautiful"


Armchair by Sir Laurence Alma-Tadema, late 19th century - photo © Victoria & Albert Museum


Home Beautiful. Like in Oscar Wilde’s day, tomorrow’s interiors will once more embrace the idea of decorating, heralding the revival of co-ordinated textiles for curtains and upholstery, highly-patterned wallpapers, beautified home accessories and furniture crafted with style. Fireplaces will once again become elaborate, even decorated with tiles, and their mantles will display vases and other artefacts collected on our journeys. Mosaics will flourish with small pieces of stone, surfaces will once more be inlaid with different woods, walls will yet again be treated in layers of material or colour, and floors will welcome back rugs of varying weights and textures.

A decadent and joyful form of decorating will offer a stark contrast to the sombre times from which we emerge, beautifying our lives with aesthetic objects and personal flair, and even exalting in eccentricity; for as Wilde himself once said, “I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue china…!” By Lidewij Edelkoort