The Pop-Up Generation




video footage courtesy of mudac


The power of story-telling is contained within a hut where a poetic boy plays a blues song following his girlfriend’s betrayal, crying so many tears that his house starts to sink… Hide was first conceived in 2008 as Laurens Manders’ graduation project in the communication department at the Design Academy Eindhoven; explaining that the live element is a crucial part of his expression, he says “If I sing about my sadness live, the experience of the song is more intense.”

The installation uses temporary architecture, a pop-up book, acoustic music and live performance to perfectly embody the unplugged spirit. Performed in collaboration with Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf, this recording was made at the mudac museum in Lausanne during the opening of Pop-Up: design between dimensions, which runs until March 3rd, 2013.