The everlasting fashion dilemma still exists today: our wardrobes are full of clothes and we never have anything to wear! For most of us – girls-, our wallet can’t follow our desires and we are often frustrated while so many of our still very nice clothes go to waste in our closets. Instead of over-consuming, why not share our clothing and spread the joy around?


A new system called Rentez-Vous may help to solve our communal fashion problem by proposing an innovative concept. Mixing “rent” and “rendezvous,” the idea behind Rentez-Vous is to connect people through their closets. Meetings are organized in which participants can rent out their own clothes and rent out items from another. The goal is to offer a unique shopping experience and a more accessible and collaborative fashion, also involving emerging designers to get their creations on the street.

As we are more accustomed to the growing ‘share economy,’ promoted by innovative ideas like those of Fiona Disegni who is the mind behind Rentez-Vous,  renting clothes becomes a usual and exciting alternative to buying. A sustainable and community-oriented shopping experience!


Now only in Paris, Rentez-Vous will launch in London this Friday, November 23.

So join the movement and spread the word!


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