The history of creating glass can be traced back to 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia; glass as medium has such a long history with man!

We have always be fascinated by the art of blowing and the relation with fire.Common techniques for producing glass art include as well: fusing, slumping, flame-working, hot-sculpting and cold-working.

Since few years there is a huge interest in the artistic production of glass.

In march 2009, the netherlands’ designhuis design museum, displayed an exhibition focusing on glass, showcasing contemporary works that explore this essential material. From industrial uses to artistic and craft based works.The glass’s diversity is wide ,  we can figure out the future path glass will take in the hands of a fresh crop of artists and designers.



Photo patrick Meis . Art: Jonas Rooth

Photo Patrick Meis . Art:Rij Kannen (front), Maria Rosen (back)

Photo patrick Meis .Art:Karin Tömellleft), Bernard Heesen(right)

Photo Patrick Meis . Art: Maria Rosen

Photo Patrick Meis . Art: Anthon Beeke

Photo Patrick Meis . Art: Anthon Beeke

Photo Patrick Meis . Art: Tanja Saeter

Photo Patrick Meis . Art:Janine C Schimkat

Photo Patrick Meis . Art:Josja Caecilia

Photo Patrick Meis . Art: Pieke Bergmans

Livia says :
2011-05-20 12:21:29
Walking in the peresnce of giants here. Cool thinking all around!