wandering the mountains


photos by petra dokken

photos by petra dokken


Independent writer, creative editor and traveller, Petra Dokken is based in Sweden but has lived and loved in many big cities over the years. Working with fashion and travels. Telling stories. Interacting with minds in the cities and minds by the sea, feelings on the mountains and thoughts in the desert… 


Moments above the passing clouds. Struggles down steep slopes, and up again… Nine times fall; nine times stand up (Buddhist saying).


It is August, sunshine and deepened colours of green and blue. Walking, hiking, trekking, climbing, dancing around the snow covered mountain of Mont-Blanc. Through France, Italy and Switzerland in six days. Six days and five nights.


Challenges not foreseen, cotton wet and heavy from salty sweat. Feet deformed with blisters. Knees like swollen balloons.


Smiling faces, jumping hearts, oxygen shiny complexion.


Cold rain turning the colours psychedelic; clear and vivid. The silence when I let myself fall behind my group. The wind and me. Birds.

The power of now. Presence.

Hot sun. Slowly, slow movements, mindfully. One foot at a time. Left, right. Breathing. 

Then, left and right foot again. Repeating becomes meditative.

The groups breath becomes one. Deep inhale and long exhale, pranayama.


Eyes of life. Cow bells singing, picnic with views. Constantly changing. Extrovert and introvert merged in a beautiful, natural manner.

All revelations, enlightenments and eurekas were always, are still and will always be born here where the mind can see, and understand in peace.


No cars, no Wi-Fi, no iPhone. Aching hardened muscles and dreamless sleep. In reality we meet ourselves, over and over again… And this is, this is the true magic when wandering the mountains.


Travel facts: I started the trip in Chamonix, France with a guided group. “Compagnie des guides de Chamonix” is very professional and very Zen!




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photos by petra dokken

photos by petra dokken