follow the early bird


photo by  jamesjustin

photo by jamesjustin / creativecommons


“The early bird gets the worm”

Yes, it is good thing to wake up early, feeling the fresh air around us, taking time before rushing into the busy day. More and more “early birds” can be seen in Tokyo nowadays and there are various “morning activities” and services for them~


“Breakfast for the early birds”

Cafes and restaurants serve various kinds of wonderful breakfasts from vegetarian specials to steak in the morning for the powerful people. Now Tokyo can be the best place to taste all kinds of breakfasts from all over the world!


“Morning market”

Tokyo is an urban city surrounded with concrete buildings and busy information. People need some rest and want to taste slow & fresh vegetables & fruits directly from farmers, enjoying short conversations about the weather and the recipe. In Roppongi, Aoyama, and Shibuya (these are known as fashionable and trendy spots), you can find wonderful markets on weekend with lots of fashionable naturalists, carrying dogs and kids and straw baskets.


“Morning lesson”

There are many lectures to inspire the brain and also many lessons to wake up the body. In Marunouchi, you can take morning class about health and foods, economy, politics and so on. In the park, you can find many groups who are enjoying to dance and stretch and workout.

“Morning drink”

Morning is the continuous moment from night and some people enjoy the morning beer and sake under the fresh morning sun. Of course there are many new products to wake you up happily in the morning. New alarm clocks, new aromatic disposers, new sound systems and new beds to give you a deeper sleep and wake you up earlier.


As I see this tendency, it seems to have a similar background with greener urban Tokyo scenery. Elle Decoration has a special issue about “living with green.” You can find many new commercial buildings with green walls and roof tops.


We certainly feel green more than before. It may be the balance from stressful urban life, being chased after routine work, polluted air, and no trust toward food in super markets. Then we need more green and more fresh air to keep our sense healthy.


Having breakfast with friends and riding bike to the company with fresh vegetables in your bag with an ipad. That is the new work style in Tokyo.



Kaori Ieyasu