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photo by marja samsom

photo by marja samsom



Marja Samsom, based in New York, is a well known passionate actor in the “Food World” she creates unexpected recipes, does catering for special events and organizes “underground” dinners.


She is the famous owner of a small sake-and-dumpling empire: the Kithchenclub & Chibi’s Bar: celebrated it’s 20 anniversary, then closed it’s doors and opening a whole new world of opportunities!


Since then Marja has been making a name as “The Dumpling Diva” through her catering business, TV appearances and cooking classes.


To celebrate the end of  summer, we would like to share with you one of Marja’s last recipe: “Sunflower Salad”, an unexpected polysensorial yellow experience.

A simple and gorgeous recipe, mainly made of sunflowers and chrysanthemum, a “gift of nature”. The sunflower seeds are toasted, the buttery and petals are tossed with chrysanthemum leaves, all drizzled with light vinaigrette.


Eating sunflowers will allow you to enjoy the strong power of yellow !


Noémie Devime


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Summer Sunflower Salad : photo by Marja Samsom

Summer Sunflower Salad - photo by Marja Samsom