elisa van joolen


design by elisa van joolen

design by elisa van joolen

Sample (SS 2012, produced 07/21/2011), donated, sent from Beaverton to Brooklyn

1/1 must Showroom Sample (date unknown, most likely SS 2012), donated, Midtown NYC

Garment (date unknown, most likely SS 2011), acquired at a Warehouse sale, Chelsea NYC



Elisa Van Joolen is a recent graduate of the newly initiated MFA Fashion Design and Society program at Parsons The New School for Design. Her graduate work 11” X 17”, was an installation that specifically challenged the confines of conventional fashion collections.

Elisa embarked on a collaborative project whereby she requested and acquired sample garments from industry giants, (Nike, Banana Republic and Calvin Klein, to name a few), as well as sourcing from local stores and independents. She longed to create a collection with multiple entities and brands, like a wardrobe.


Through the process of cutting into these pieces, Elisa created several new assemblages lending itself to a collection in sum.

As a result of this process, garments that had already been deemed complete were given new life and each purposeful cut gave way to an array of beautiful abstractions.


Elisa will be showing at New York Fashion week in September 2012 which will provide a new perspective on her work 11” X 17” as it translates from an exhibition context to runway.


Madeleine Harman






design by elisa van joolen

design by elisa van joolen

 Garment (date unknown), acquired at Salvation Army, Brooklyn

Limited Edition Piece (SS 2012), acquired at high-end store, Soho NYC