Farmers in search of stijl

AUG-SEP 2009




A new romantic and realistic view of living in the country has emerged.the current financial crisis and our concerns about ecology have contributed to rethinking our existence in the challenging and stressful city, while advances in information technology have participated in setting humans free from a fixed location within the urban environment.


we therefore can live nomads.the slow food movement has shifted the focus from the exotic and exclusive to a need for the local and seasonal.forgotten vegetables and regional recipes are rediscovered and reinvented. now this movement is spreading to other domains.


rural realities are influencing urban life.the greening of the city and the urbanization of the country will ultimately lead to the blurring of borders between these two domains.

designers, artists and architects are reflecting upon this exchange of ideas.Form is derived from the romantic pastoral past and seeks the essence of the farm in new materials and images.


in a first sketch to understand and map this movement, through several installations, eindhoven’s designhuis explore a new lifestyle where humans are seen as an integral part of the ecological cycle, integrated in the process.placing themselves on equal ground with agriculture and animal.


humans with respect for life.


lidewij edelkoort