pastel spring

photo by kaori leyasu

photo by kaori leyasu

Since ancient ages, in Japan, we have been loving the cherry blossom season as the new start of life after a long winter.

April is the month of a new start: it’s the new school year, it’s also for companies the time to welcome new employees. The cherry blossom always relates with the excitement of something new and also brings melancholy for something gone.


Spring is often very stormy and rainy and many beautiful poems and lyrics express people’s worry about the fragile beauty of blossoms.

“if we don’ t have the cherry blossom in spring, we can relax and enjoy spring more.”

“do you know something you can protect the cherry blossoms from cruel wind?

I try to cover her with my big sleeve now.”

This is an old poem written more than 1300 years ago and we still have the same feeling now.

Why are we so much attracted by this flower as we also have other beautiful flowers in spring?

It may be because of its short living beauty,staying only few days.

It may be because it’s magical color which suddenly changes the world pale pink in one night.


Always they make us realize by the beauty of this season and the richness of nature that we live in a constantly changing world so , we need to enjoy every moment.


This spring has been very cold and the cherry blossoms bloom later than usual.We had been looking forward it .

This season there are a lots of pastel color clothes and bloomy lace fabric in the fashion shops.

Everything seems to let us enjoy the short alive spring.

Spring shopping has started now with the beauty of the blossoms.

For a while, we have a pastel colored spring in Japan!



Kaori Leyasu


photo by kaori leyasu

photo by kaori leyasu