make me smile!


photo by Steve Barringer

photo by Steve Barringer

The future is about sharing and doing things together. We decide to be on Pinterest with You …. Now, it’s Your Turn!

Are you a trend hunter? Do have an artistic soul? Are you a photo nut?  Trend Tablet on Pinterest is devoted to YOU!

Our second community mood board is dedicated to the small and big things that make you smile. Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, a walk in the woods or a new pair of shoes, we’d love to see what makes you glow!

In keeping with the spirit of authenticity and originality, we’d love to see pictures from your own phone or camera.  Please provide a title and your name (or pseudonym), and a link to your website or blog if applicable.


Pictures can be emailed to


First Community Mood Board : “Yellow Is The New Pink”

Second Community Mood Board : “Make Me Smile”