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claesson koivisto rune

Sfera Building, Kyoto, Japan (2003) © Claesson Koivisto Rune, Stockholm

The City’s New Veil. Our connection to ecology today inspires us to incorporate botanical elements in the same way that art nouveau helped us turn the page last century. A greener city is blooming with rooftop gardens, pop-up horticulture and organic farming now integrated in the urban lives. Designers want to express a new nature, blurring the borders between town and country, and updating biology with technology.

With a romantic revival on the verge of influencing style, buildings are set to change too, with innovative architecture embracing embossed decoration, laser-cut laces, perforated printing, organic animation and construction crochets.This opens up exciting possibilities where the latest technologies can be adapted to fantasy façades; new veils that don’t need to be lifted to communicate the identity that is contained inside. By Lidewij Edelkoort